Holy Celtic Church  International                (HCCI)                                               
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The Holy Celtic Church International

The Holy Celtic Church, with its deep spiritual roots in Ireland, has found itself developing as a faith community on an international level.

Ireland has now become part of this faith community which encompasses 4 areas of the United Kingdom, namely Derby, London, Gateshead and Southampton.

Within Europe, we have our presence in Switzerland with our seminary, St. Gall's based there and also our community presence in Italy and in Portugal

Further afield, we have a presence in the USA with communities in Chicago and Texas.

We are also blessed in having a community based in Brazil.

International Community

1. Most Revd Dom +Alistair, Cresta Avers, Switzerland.
(Titular Abbot-Bishop of Glendalough and Primus)

2. Bishop Bruno, Cresta Avers, Switzerland, (Auxiliary to the Primus)

3. Bishop David, Derby, England. 
(Titular Bishop of Mercia, and Vicar Apostolic of Great Britain)

4. Bishop Angelo, Tresore Balneario, Lombardia, Italy
(Titular Bishop of Bobbio and Vicar Apostolic of Italy)

5. Bishop Marcelo, Cordoba, Argentina. Titular Bishop of Balantrodoch

6. Bishop Mauricio,  Costa Rica (retired) Titular Bishop of Clonfert

7. R.R. Dom Michael, UK. (retired) Titular Bishop of St Andrews

8. Mons +Alex, Torino, Italia. Titular Bishop of Taranto

9. R.R. Dom Barrie, Capetown, South Africa. Titular Bishop of Caerleon

10. R.R. Bishop Seosamh, Ireland Titular Bishop of  Cill Fhionúrach

11. R.R. Dom Paulo, Fortaleza, Brazil. Titular Bishop of  Ferns

12. R.R. Dom Bruno S., Talavera de la Reina, Spain, Titular Bishop of Lincoln

13. R.R. Br Jose Francisco, Costa Rica. Titular Bishop  of Cloyne

14. R.R. Dom Sean, New Jersey, Vicar Ap. of North America & Titular Bishop of Lismore

15. R.R. Pe Dalmer, Maceió, Brazil. Titular Bishop of St Davids

16. V.R. Fr Scott, Blackheath, London, UK. (Archpriest)

17. V. R. Dom Edward, Southampton, UK. (Archpriest & Prior)

18. V. R. Dom Gregorio, Siena, Italy. (Archpriest & Prior)

19. Fr James, Austin, Texas, USA.

20. Fr Serafim, Lisbon, Portugal.

21. Fr Ivan, Gateshead, England, UK

22. Fr Kevin, Sheridan, Colorado, USA

23. Padre Daniele, Lisbon, Portugal.

24. Padre Michele, Milano, Italia.

25. Padre Luiz, Panama City, Panama.

26. Padre Paolo, Novi Ligure, Italia

27. Padre Gennaro, nr. Torino, Italia

​28. Fr Markus, Padise, Harjumaa, Estonia.

29. Fr Geraldo, Fortaleza, Brazil.

30. Fr Maciej Maria, Poland.

31. Pe. Antonio Silva, Joao Pessoa, Brazil.

32. Fr Scott, Mandaue, Philippines.

33. Padrea Andrea, Alessandria, Italy.

34. Fr James Louis, Philadelphia, USA.

35. Fr Bram, Netherlands.

36. Fr Michael Giles, Buena Vista, Philippines.

37. Fr Anselm, Prague, Czech Republic.

38. Revd Br Fabian, Sydney, Australia (Deacon)

39. Revd Kalogheros, Turin (Deacon)

40. Revd Francisco Evandro, Fortaleza, Brazil (Deacon)

41. Revd Stephen Gallagher, Philadelphia, USA (Deacon)

42. Revd Giovanni, Piemonte (Deacon)

43. Revd Br Jeremia, Buffalo, New York State (Deacon)

44. Revd Br Philip, Painted Post, New York State (Deacon)

45. Revd José Agusto, Macaió, Brazil (Deacon)

46. Revd Sean, Pennsylvania, USA (Sub-deacon)

47. Ir Vinicius, Santos, Brazil (Sub-deacon)

48. Revd Luca, Turin (Sub-deacon)

49. Revd Diego, Turin (Sub-deacon)

50. Deaconess Renee, Illinois, USA

51. Deaconess Stella, Alessandria, Italy.

52. Deaconess Luciana, Macaió, Brazil.

53. Mr Mark McKerrell M.A., Scotland. (Licensed Lay Minister)

54. Mr Rick Ramsey, Canada. (Licensed Lay Minister)

55. Mr Tom White, Scotland. (Licensed Lay Minister)

56. Mrs Margery Bambrick, Scotland. (Licensed Lay Minister)

Other members of our wider order are engaged in ministry at other locations.