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The new guidelines for the Holy Celtic Church, entitled the  Prevention, Protection, Safety and Welfare Policy, has now been compiled and published for use throughout the Church.

All members of the Church have been briefed on its publication and a copy issued to all upon publication.

In time to come, it will be reviewed and updated as needs be, as will indeed all clergy.

If anyone wishes to request a copy of this policy, please do get in touch by using the designated Holy Celtic Church Welfare and Protection Office email address :

Church Welfare & Protection Officer

The Holy Celtic Church - Synod of Bishops has recently announced +Seósamh (Cill Fhionúrach) as the 'Appointed Church Welfare and Protection Officer'.

He will work alongside with the Presiding Bishop and the Synod of Bishops to ensure that the recently published Church Guidelines (Prevention, Protection, Safety and Welfare Policy) is implemented and adhered to throughout the international community.