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If you have an attraction to Celtic spirituality and feel called to the priesthood, diaconate or religious life, the Holy Celtic Church would like to hear from you! 

We welcome applications for both ordination and incardination from older people as well as the youthful.

We provide three distinct paths to ministry and religious life: For those attracted to the monastic way as ordained monks or non-ordained monks and nuns,  are invited to become postulants with the
Holy Cross Benedictines; women who feel called to the office of Deaconess are invited to join the Deaconess Society of St Ita ; whilst men who feel called to the non-monastic priesthood are invited to place themselves under the supervision of one of the bishops of the church. Those attracted to the Franciscan charism may wish to consider the Hermits of St Francis & St Clare.

Applicants for any of these paths (who are not already ordained) normally receive online education through
St Gall's Seminary as well as training here in Switzerland, if at all possible. Our formation program is personalized to meet the needs of the individual.  All applicants, in the first instance are invited to use the form on the Contact page. 

The Holy Celtic Church allows for dual affilation of members, so it may be possible to retain membership of another compatible church, whilst pursuing ordination or incardination  in the HCC, if so desired.  

For laity we offer lay membership or oblature with the Holy Cross Benedictines of Adoration or membership of the Holy Celtic Order of the Temple or Marian sodality as well as theological study through St Gall's Seminary if desired.

Membership of the Holy Celtic Church is not a requirement for inclusion in any of these ecumenical orders.

To send a message please use the form on the
Contact page. 

"Once you have had the experience of God’s benevolence, you need no longer feel abashed in aspiring to a holier intimacy. Growth in grace brings expansion of confidence. You will love with greater ardor, and knock on the door with greater assurance, in order to gain what you perceive to be still wanting to you. ‘The one who knocks will always have the door opened to him’. It is my belief that to a person so disposed, God will not refuse that most intimate kiss of all, a mystery of supreme generosity and ineffable sweetness."

~ From a sermon on the Song of Songs by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

St Gall's Seminary

The Holy Celtic Church maintains high standards of education for our clergy and many have suitable theological degrees from reputable universities.

For members of our order who have not received a theological degree,
and for members of other jurisdictions or none, we offer in-house training, the "St Gall's Foundation Course in Ministry", a course equivalent to an Associates degree in theology with emphasis placed on liberal theology, mystical theology, liturgy, monastic studies and ecclesiastical history.

Seminarians who are members of the Holy Celtic Church or, members of jurisdictions in communion with us, are normally ordained at regular intervals through the course to the minor orders, diaconate and ultimately the priesthood.

The course may be completed in one or two years or longer if necessary.

Lay people who have no intention of being ordained are also welcome to study with us.

The Foundation course normally includes  four residential weekends at St Gall's Retreat in Switzerland for community building, tutorials, altar training and ordinations.

Transport from local railway stations can be provided. 

The residential Weekends may be combined if students live on another continent.

For enquiries about Studies please use this contact form.

Thank you!